6 Questions to Ask At a Stay Interview & Reduce Turnover

Has a great employee just given two weeks’ notice? Think more might soon follow her lead? Even if you’re confident that nobody is thinking of “jumping ship,” your company is probably still at risk. Employees do not announce their intention to search for a new job. They announce when they are leaving. However, there is […]

Recruiting Successfully when Talent Holds All the Cards

It is true that competition for the best people is heating up.  By June 2016, the average amount of time that a job remains unfilled is 28.3 days (up from 18 days in December 2010).  And if you are looking for the best people, you need to move quickly.  Studies so that 90% of recruiters […]

Does Your Temp-to-Hire Have Growth Potential?

We all have been in this position. You are short-staffed, but you are not sure about your long-term demand prospects. Therefore, you go out and quickly make a temp-to-hire offer to a person who has (on paper) the experience you need. Time has passed, and before you make a full-time offer, you really need to […]

Overcome the Challenges in Recruiting and Hiring Diverse Employees

To remain competitive in today’s market, it is important to have not only a qualified workforce but a diverse one. There are many benefits to diversity Individuals from diverse backgrounds offer different talents, skills and experience that can benefit for your organization and other team members. Hiring employees who speak different languages help overcome language barriers […]

Design the Right Cell Phone Policy for Your Workplace

Are your employees distracted by their cell phones? If so, it is not hard to believe; everyone seems to have their head shoved into their phones these days, and it is no different in the workplace.  However, it is difficult for most people to completely turn off their cell phone at work….the need to be […]

6 Reasons Flexibility is Important to Workforce Scheduling

Every business wants flexibility.  It is what allows you to effectively deal with change…change in demand, production, implementation, delivery or staffing. In staffing, flexibility helps you achieve the optimum workforce-to-workload balance which, in turn, will help you: Lower costs. It is no secret that your employees are your greatest asset, but they are also your […]

Tips to Boost Employee Engagement with a Town Hall Meeting

Employee engagement remained stagnant in 2015, with only 32% of U.S. employees reportedly engaged in their workplace. The number for 2014 was almost exactly the same – 31.5%.  The number one cause? Poor communication. If your employees view communication from the management team to be poor, then your organization is probably facing some serious problems. […]

4 Ways to Consistently Attract Top IT Talent

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is expected that within 5 years, there will be 1 million more technology-related job opportunities than college graduates to fill them. This means that over the next decade, recruiting top tech talent will be a top business challenge, for a sector that is already notoriously hard to […]

4 Things to Look for in a Military Candidate’s Resume

If you are looking to hire a military veterans, “congratulations”.  You are looking to recruit a part of the most powerful arm of the American workforce. Your hiring process is not going to be much different than it would be if you conducted your search through the civilian candidate pool. You will write and post […]