How to Choose the Perfect Nursing Specialty

Once you have become comfortable with the day-to-day practice of an RN, you might decide to take the next step and get your nursing specialization. However, like any major career move, picking a specialty can takes time, research, and a bit of soul-searching. Why pick a specialization? There are many benefits to choosing a nursing […]

Five Easy Ways for Nurses to Manage Stress

As a nurse, stress is a guaranteed part of the job. Because of this, it is important to identify its origins and learn how to handle it. Here are five easy ways for nurses to manage stress from Snelling Medical Staffing: Deep breathing works wonders Simple deep-breathing exercises are proven to reduce stress and stabilize your mood. […]

Steps to Choosing a Nursing Specialization

Once you become comfortable with the day-to-day practice of nursing, you may decide (like many nurses) that the next step is to get your specialization. Nurses who are specialized usually get a higher salary and more employment opportunities. For example Registered nurses earn between $65-68,000 Nurse midwives earn between $92-96,000 Nurse practitioners earn between $95-103,000 […]

The Most Meaningful and Satisfying Jobs are in Healthcare. They Pay Well Too!

Not everyone is looking to make a six-figured paycheck. Many dream of applying their talents in an effort to make a difference and leave the world a little better place.  They want a job that is meaningful.  But let’s face facts.  Bills still have to be paid. Therefore, everyone who wants a job filled with […]

Top 5 PT Schools (and the 5 Runners’ Up)

The demand for physical therapists is skyrocketing, with growth rates reaching 36% over the next 8 years.  Salaries are also expected to remain healthy…ranging from $68,000 to $124,000 (depending on the supply and demand within certain areas). In fact, US News and World Report released its annual Best Jobs of 2015 report, and they ranked physical […]

5 Reasons to Get a Job in Healthcare in 2015

Working in the healthcare industry offers many rewards and benefits. It may not be the perfect industry for everyone….remember, not everybody likes the same thing….but for many job seekers out there, a medical career could be a perfect fit. Your skills will be demand. According the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry added […]

Overcome the Biggest Hurdle of Transitioning Military Medical Personnel

Medical service personnel have bright career prospects once they are discharged from the military. One reason is that demand continues to outpace supply in the medical field.  For example, USA Today just reported that the VA has 41500 unfilled medical jobs.  Current openings include those for physical therapists, pharmacists, radiologic technologists, social workers, registered nurses, […]

Why Working with Medical Staffing Firms with Great Recruiters Matters

Temporary healthcare providers and other medical professionals who are looking to make a career change are repeatedly told to find a dependable recruiter to guide them through the industry. As a facility, you also want to make sure that you are working with healthcare staffing companies that hire and retain the best recruiters in the […]

4 Things to Do To Not Get Fired from your Healthcare Job Due to Social Media

Social media can be a valuable resource for the healthcare professional; it provides a great way to communicate and share information. It can increase your visibility as an expert in your field; it can help you be a resource to your patients; it can help with learning and networking, as well. However, if used inappropriately […]