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Know the questions to ask when hiring an administrative assistant

Administrative Professionals’ Day is rapidly approaching – April 22.  Do you have a great administrative employee that you would like to acknowledge? If not, do you how to hire one?  Do you what skills you need and how to ascertain that a particular candidate has those skills? The answers may be simpler than you suspect. […]

Happiness: Your Ultimate Workforce Weapon in 2012

Is it important for your employees to be happy?  To answer that question, consider the results of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, which has been polling more than 1,000 adults every day since January 2008. According to their results, Americans now feel worse about their jobs and work environments than ever before. People of all ages, […]

Benefits of Strategic Staffing, Part 1: Increase Organizational Flexibility

When it comes to staffing, does your organization take a reactive or proactive approach? For most American businesses, staffing is a reactive function.  A client places a large order, a receptionist calls in sick or a manager gives his two weeks’ notice – and then HR’s work begins.  Jobs are posted, candidates are screened and […]

Technology Tipping Point: How to Prevent Electronic Communication from Inhibiting Employees' Productivity and Communication

From cloud computing to texting, voicemail to social media, technology has vastly improved our business communications – right? Maybe, maybe not.  Electronic communication is certainly intended to yield tangible benefits (such as cost savings, shortened response times and simultaneous connection to multiple parties).  However, a lack of coordination and failure to critically examine how technology […]


Snelling is supporting Employers deemed as Essential by continuing our operation and placing employees in these essential jobs across the country. Please call or email your local office for opportunity details.

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