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How Do You Create an Effective Culture for Your Facility?

By Melinda Juneau, There is a new buzz word in the work place today, and you probably hear it on a regular basis: culture. This is a difficult word to define.  What exactly is company culture?  Would an employee actually change companies to experience a different culture? Is company culture important?  How would you measure […]

Find the Best Cultural Fit With Your Next Job

Fortune magazine rolled out their “100 Best Companies to Work For in 2012” list.  These are the employers that, according to Fortune, offer “dream workplaces”   Three highlights include: Google (#1) – noted for its culture, mission and free meals Wegman’s Food Markets (#4) – noted for its heath programs, including a “health hotline” and smoking […]

Creating the Culture Your Company Needs

The biggest mistake many businesses make is that hiring decisions are based on a candidate’s skills listed on the resume.  While skills and abilities are important, they can be taught, modified and enhanced.   They do not contribute to the basis of any company’s success – culture does. Company culture is defined as a “special blend of values, […]


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