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How Can Contingent Staff Boost Your Company's Profitability?

Looking for ways to improve your company’s bottom line?  Smart use of contingent labor may be one of your best options. According to industry statistics shared at the 2011 Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum, the largest users of staffing services (companies using 1,000+ temporary and/or contract employees) report a labor cost savings of roughly 13%.  […]

Social Media and Your Job Search: Key Networking Tips

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” When it comes to landing an interview, connections can make all the difference.  Fortunately, social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have made it fast, easy and free to connect with potential employers from coast to coast.  Are you using these sites to your advantage? […]

Still Hiring on Your Own? Beware of These Hidden Costs and Time-Stealers

Do you know what it really costs to hire a top performer for your organization? Sure, there are the obvious expenses of: Recruiting – creating job descriptions; sourcing, interviewing and selecting candidates. Onboarding – presenting offers, orienting new employees. Employment – salary, benefits, payroll expenses, etc. Unfortunately, however, these costs represent just the tip of […]

Stretched Too Thin: Consequences of "Doing More with Less"

Layoffs.  10-hour work days.  Increased expectations.  Tight deadlines.  These factors and more have created the perfect storm when it comes to worker stress, fatigue and burnout.  In fact, according to the December, 2010 Workforce Management article “The Yawning of a New Era,” over 80% of HR managers agree that employee fatigue is a larger problem now […]

New Year, New Career

In general, I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions.  Too much talk, not enough follow-through.  When it comes to career success, however, finding the job you want takes discipline, determination and perseverance.  To stay focused, hold yourself accountable by making a career-related resolution.  These tips will help you stay motivated and jump start your […]


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