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How to Approach and Recruit Active and Passive Candidates

In last week’s Snelling Blog, we talked a little bit about the fact that there is beginning to be no difference between active and passive candidates. Due to low employee engagement in many (if not most) companies and a volatile job market, the line is being blurred between these two groups of job candidates. There […]

Is the Line Being Blurred Between Active and Passive Candidates?

The definitions have been floating around for a very long time. Passive candidates are currently employed and are not actively looking for a new position.  They have a good industry reputation, usually have 3+ years with the same employer and can show a progression in their career path. Active candidates are actively looking for a […]

Salary – It is all in the Negotiations

Part of the process of hiring a new employee is negotiating a fair salary – one that makes both employer and employee happy.  It is a hurdle that has to be overcome during any and all hiring processes.  The results of this negotiation can leave a candidate feeling wanted or devalued, and it can leave […]

Hidden advantages of working with a staffing company

In this job market competition is fierce,  security is lacking and you need every possible edge. Working with us puts you at an advantage because: we staff positions that are never advertised our candidates are taken seriously by hiring companies our experienced staffing managers are always looking for the best fit for employers and candidates […]

Worker Misclassification – Is Your Company at Risk?

Employment related taxes are a large part of business owners’ overall tax burdens.  As such, employers are continually looking for ways to reduce that burden. Classifying workers as independent contractors is an attractive option for offsetting employment related taxes.  By classifying workers as independent contractors, as opposed to direct employees, employers can: avoid paying Social […]

Looming Talent Gap? Survey Says "Yes"

Despite the fact that the U.S. unemployment rate remains high (edging back up to 9.0 percent), the war for talent is growing amongst American businesses. A new survey by ChainLink Research examines managers’ and executives’ 2011 business priorities and how each believes those priorities should be addressed.  Some of the key findings relate to “talent […]

How to Choose the Right Staffing Service for Your Needs

Question: How are staffing firms like clothes? Answer: They come in all shapes and sizes, and the right fit is essential. In today’s staffing industry, the range of services, niche specialties, industries served, employment policies and payroll schedules can vary greatly from company to company.  Logically, you’re more likely to find rewarding employment with a […]

What Does "People +" Mean for Your Organization?

Insight.  Business savvy.  Dedication.  Hometown roots.  Qualities like these have fueled the success of American businesses for decades. As part of Snelling’s 60th Anniversary celebration, we’ve renewed our commitment to helping companies like yours sustain that success.  To this end, we’ll deliver only the best-fit candidates for your needs. Our best-fit candidates have the right […]


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