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Is There Really a Nursing Shortage?

Is there a nursing shortage?  Is it easy for newly-minted nurses to find a good job?  The common opinion has always been “yes”, but more articles are appearing in the press that indicates this may not quite be the case. The recession of 2007-2009 eliminated the nation’s nursing shortage in many ways. Older nurses delayed […]

Are Healthcare Careers Really Recession-Proof?

By Christiane Soto, Despite the massive fluctuations in the economy, healthcare professionals have been repeatedly told that their careers are recession-proof.  Is this true?  Many people think so, because the news media is filled with statistics about how the healthcare industry is adding thousands of jobs each month.  For example, the Bureau of Labor […]

Promoting Medical Adherence

By Melinda Juneau, It is no secret when a doctor gives you a list of orders and instructions, you should follow them. After all, didn’t you just pay this person money to provide you with their knowledge in hopes of improving your health?  Yet every day, patients walk into the doctor’s office and walk […]

What to Do When You Have Outgrown Your Job-The Case for Certification

By Melinda Juneau, It is no secret the current job market is highly competitive right now and has been for several years.  Employment is not gained with only a college education and no experience because employers are looking for future employees with the whole package.  Employers want college graduates with experience and even bonus […]


Snelling is supporting Employers deemed as Essential by continuing our operation and placing employees in these essential jobs across the country. Please call or email your local office for opportunity details.