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Snelling Midlands Offers Free Resume Review and Career Tools

Publication: Metro Columbia CEO Publication Date: 5/20/2020 Snelling Staffing Services of the Midlands, a full-service staffing agency that provides customized solutions to candidates and companies across the Midlands, is offering a free Resume Review and Software Reboot service through August 31, 2020. To have a resume reviewed at no charge, or to access free online tutoring and […]

How a Staffing Firm Can Help You Find a Job

There seems to be a sense of embarrassment among many job seekers in working with a staffing firm.  This should not be the case.  Today’s workforce management companies (i.e. staffing firms) are much different than the stereotypes of the past.  While still providing a wide range of flexible job solutions, they can also supply you […]

3 Big Mistakes Not to Make with LinkedIn

Many people lump Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (and even Instagram) into one large social networking experience.  Whatever they upload to Instagram gets posted to Facebook or tweeted to the rest of the world.  While this may be a huge timesaver, this “one-stop-shopping” methodology should not be employed with LinkedIn.  LinkedIn focuses on one area of your […]

5 Reasons to Find a Job through Snelling

The perfect job.  It is what everyone dreams of, but the path to finding it can be tough.  From stringent hiring requirements to difficult interviews to the second-guessing that consumes any attempt at follow-up, the process can be challenging. But there are choices when it comes to the path that you should follow.  Not all […]

4 Steps to Navigate the Skills Gap and Land a Job

By Christiane Soto, Manufacturing jobs in this country are increasingly requiring “white-collar” credentials.  Processes are becoming more high-tech, markets are becoming more international, and workers need more skills. Lasers, robotics and computer numeric-control tools are now all standard equipment on the factory floor.  In addition, applicants must show that they have The ability to […]

The Feedback You May Not Get is Sometimes the Most Important

Many times, people interview for jobs – either with a staffing firm or directly with a local company – and never receive a call back for an additional interview or are told that there are no positions available.  No other feedback is given.  Outside of skills, many hiring managers are looking for those intangibles that […]

You Cannot Text Your Way to a Job

There are so many different ways to communicate these days, that it is hard to know which method is the best to leverage during the job search.  Email, phone or handwritten letter….which method will help you stand out and get noticed in the sea of applicants? Email Email is extremely efficient.  With email, delivery is […]

Eight Networking Tips for Job Seekers

Your professional network can be a crucial asset to your career if you know how to make use of it. Follow these tips to take full advantage of your network and find the job that is right for you. Start Now The best time to start building your professional network of contacts is before you […]

6 Tips to Improve Listening Skills

It’s been said that the opposite of talking is not listening, but waiting to talk. Preparing for a job interview is often about planning what we’re going to say to the interviewer, rather than preparing to listen to their questions. Having some idea of what you want to communicate is important, but it’s equally important […]

Does your job search need a lift?

If your job search has become stagnant and you feel like you’re repeating the same activities with no results, it’s time to consider a workforce solutions provider to help with your job search and career development. A strong partner might be just the boost you’re looking for. Advantages of partnering with a workforce solutions provider: […]


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