Do you know what it really costs to hire a top performer for your organization?

Sure, there are the obvious expenses of:

  • Recruiting – creating job descriptions; sourcing, interviewing and selecting candidates.
  • Onboarding – presenting offers, orienting new employees.
  • Employment – salary, benefits, payroll expenses, etc.

Unfortunately, however, these costs represent just the tip of the iceberg.  Consider these other substantial expenses and time-stealers which are often overlooked:

  • Job board subscriptions – In addition to the cost of posting positions, many of the major job boards charge substantial annual subscription rates to access their résumé databases.
  • Résumé screening – In this market, consider how many résumés you’d have to sort through to find the best potential candidates.  A glut of résumés also translates into more screening phone calls, more initial interviews and more skills assessments/testing.
  • Vacancy cost – The productivity losses and opportunity cost incurred when a position goes unfilled in your organization.
  • Internal managers’ time – Time managers (outside of HR) spend sourcing, contacting and interviewing candidates.
  • Replacing a bad hire – If a new hire doesn’t work out, it can easily cost you several times that person’s annual salary to replace him (consider unemployment, opportunity cost, productivity loss, impact on co-worker’s performance and morale, additional expense of recruiting and hiring a replacement).

In many cases, Snelling’s direct placement services are a better alternative to hiring on your own:

  • We use targeted sourcing strategies to rapidly identify top talent and shorten the placement cycle.
  • We handle all aspects of employee screening, from e-verify to behavioral interviewing, to create the right fit – while you stay focused on your most important priorities.
  • Our selection and onboarding support ensures we send you only the best-of-the-best.  We even prepare and debrief candidates and hiring managers, so your new team is productive day one.
  • Contact us to learn about our direct placement service guarantees.

When it comes to hiring, Snelling Staffing Services does what it takes to get the job done.  Trust us to provide the right talent, every time.