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Costs of Human Capital Management

Partnering with a reputable human capital management (i.e. staffing) firm for both contingent workforce and direct hire needs can provide significant benefits, including financial savings, workforce flexibility and increased productivity. View our reports on cost savings for subjects ranging from the true cost of employment, the cost of bad hires and the real cost of overtime to understand how Snelling can partner with you for better profitability.

Tips on Conducting a Spot-On Employee Compensation Analysis

Money is the number one reason that employees find other jobs. It is imperative – for morale, efficient and effective recruiting and high engagement levels to know what you need to pay your workers. Learn some ways to gain this employee compensation knowledge.

Two Common Wage and Hour Traps – Worker Misclassification and Overtime Pay

Wage and hour laws can be tricky more so when dealing with contingent/temporary workers. Learn about the two of the most critical “wage and hour traps.”

The Issue around the IRS, Employees and Independent Contractors

It is critical that, as a small business owner, you correctly classify the people working as either employees or independent contractors. The IRS takes a dim view of companies who masquerade employees as independent contractors. Learn how avoid misclassifying your workers and how partnering with Snelling can alleviate this issue.

Partnering with a Human Capital Management (i.e. Staffing) Firm Helps Manage Costs

Companies are still not hiring at adequate levels to significantly reduce the unemployment rate. Many have turned to human capital management/staffing firms help businesses reduce costs. Read this article to learn what costs can be reduced/eliminated through working with us to adopt a flexible, continuous staffing model.

How Much are Bad Hires Costing You?

A commonly held statistic is that a hiring mistake can cost anywhere from 1.5 x to 3.5 x of that person’s “fully loaded” salary. However, this number can vary drastically, with the fact being that the cost of a bad hire will vary depending on the company, the job and the situation. Read this article to learn what makes up these numbers and how to reduce the cost and ensure success in your hiring process.

The Real Cost of Overtime

When calculating the cost of employee overtime, there is more to consider than just the premium wages (i.e. time and a half or double time for the extra hours worked) paid to the workers. There is much evidence that, despite the fact that many employers tout its short-term benefits, continuous overtime can cause harm to a firm in a number of different ways. This article will look at the true cost of overtime through its impact on employee fatigue, illness and stress and how it can effect a company’s profitability and revenue stream.