Quality is a value we live every day.


Quality Assurance

There’s a certain amount of hope and trust involved every time you bring a new hire on board. You hope you’ve hired the right candidate, and trust that you’ve chosen an individual who will be up to the demands of the job. Sometimes things work out great. But sometimes they don’t. And companies pay—big time.

A study by the Center for American Progress found that the typical cost associated with hiring and training new employees is 20 to 21 percent of an employee’s salary. Complex jobs and those that require higher levels of education have much greater turnover costs—up to 213 percent of the individual’s salary. Other research reveals that 31 percent of new hires quit within six months! According to the Department of Labor, the average tenure of an employee in the U.S. is just 1.5 years.

How can you protect yourself? Trust Snelling to find candidates who will be valued members of your workforce—for years to come.

We are fanatical about details.

Our focus on quality assurance starts the moment you engage us. With an unrivaled legacy, Snelling has been a trusted partner in human capital for more than 65 years. We have the credentials, business acumen, market intelligence and connections to quickly identify exceptionally qualified professionals. But we don’t simply identify candidates, we carefully evaluate them across a spectrum of criteria that includes education, training, skills, experience, industry specialization and cultural compatibility. By doing so, we identify the best-fit candidate for your company.

We interview and screen every candidate.

While other staffing agencies forgo face-to-face interviews with candidates, we personally interview every candidate. Our thorough screening process includes eVerify to ensure all Snelling employees have the legal right to work in the United States. We also conduct background checks as required and verify previous employment, experience and references. This meticulous attention to detail ensures we match exceptional people with exceptional opportunities—including military veterans.

We provide you with options.

We understand every business is unique, that’s why we offer custom workforce solutions to best meet your needs, including:

Direct Hire Staffing

Finding talented, well-qualified employees who are the best-fit for the long run requires considerable time and a significant financial investment. Free up your internal resources and leave the search to Snelling. Snelling has the knowledge, resources and expertise to quickly identify the best-fit candidates for your company. By engaging us, you and your colleagues can focus on other aspects of your business. Want to know more? Read Meeting Direct Hiring Needs with a Staffing Firm.

Temp to Hire Staffing

Snelling actively recruits candidates who are seeking direct hire positions with our clients. When it’s time to expand your workforce, Snelling makes it easy to evaluate promising candidates in a temporary capacity before making a final hiring decision. To learn more about the benefits of this hiring approach, read Why You Should Follow a Temp to Hire Hiring Model.

Temporary Staffing

Today, there can be many strategic benefits to leveraging temporary rather than full-time employees—most notably, significant cost savings. To learn more about flexible staffing, read The Cost of Temporary Staffing vs. the Cost of Full-Time Employees. Whether you need one person or an 4 entire team of star performers, additional manpower at one location or multiple locations in several states, Snelling is your trusted resource for candidates who can hit the ground running. We can even manage a flexible staffing plan for you to save your company time and money