Military personnel are a powerful resource to prospective employers.

Employers Seeking Veterans

In today’s job market, transitioning military personnel are a powerful resource to prospective employers. Snelling works to actively recruit and place our returning veterans. View our information to learn why leveraging these highly motivated job seekers makes good business sense.

How to Hire a Veteran

Jargon is ever-present during the interview. Both veterans and interviewers use it to explain themselves. To learn how to combat this tendency (and for other interview tips / potential interview questions to use when talking with our recently returned veterans), read our article.

10 Reasons to Hire a Veteran

Veterans are looking to make a contribution to the private sector after they have served their country. They do not come empty-handed. They possess those intangible skills that are needed to take your business to the next level. Read our article to learn 10 reasons you should focus on hiring veterans today.

Veterans are a Smart Hiring Move

Today’s veterans are returning to a grateful nation, but also to an economy that has been challenged by record, unwavering unemployment rates and almost stagnant job growth. Read our summary paper to learn more about how companies can leverage returning veterans as a strategic advantage for their business.