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Career Strategy

Whatever your career aspirations, taking a strategic approach will help you to achieve them. Begin an intentional approach to your career with the information below.

Let’s Debunk Some Major Job Search Myths

Everywhere you turn, someone is offering you advice. Don’t look for a job over the holidays or during the summer. You do not need to write a cover letter. Always wear a suit to an interview. So let’s separate the fact from the fiction and debunk some major job search myths.

Seasonal Work and the Job Hunt

It is possible to turn a seasonal job into a full-time position, but it takes initiative, dedication and perseverance. Learn 6 tricks to help you turn your seasonal opportunity into full-time employment.

Is a College Degree the Key to Success?

Some level of post-secondary training is required, thanks to the high level of technology in today’s workplace, but not necessarily college. What was once considered blue collar work has now changed. Skilled trades are in high demand; is this the future for you? Learn more.

How to be a Good Temporary Worker

Temporary employment can be excellent solution job seekers; “temping” is a powerful tool in your overall job search strategy. But what makes a good temporary employee? How to make yourself more marketable as a temporary worker.

The Secret to Surviving a Layoff

A layoff can be debilitating. Even the mention of the word sends chills down most employees’ spines. Many companies are still “shedding” headcount. What should you do if you get caught up in all this downsizing? 6 steps you need to know during a layoff.

4 Big Online Mistakes That Will Cause You to Remain Unemployed

In a way, online job boards, social media and even the Internet itself has made job hunting harder – not easier . There are four big online mistakes (and on HUGE general mistake) that job hunters consistently do. Learn how to avoid the mistakes others do.

Pros and Cons for Seasonal Holiday Work

If you are looking for full-time employment, can seasonal work be a good fit for you? Read our article to find out the pros and cons of seasonal work and to see if this is an appropriate path for you to take.

5 Job Search Blunders to Avoid

Searching for a job is much more difficult when unemployment is high. It is hard to stand-out; therefore, it is imperative that you make every interaction with a hiring manager/recruiter positive. In order to do this, you need to avoid falling into the trap of these 5 job blunders.

How to Get Good Quality Job References

Providing good quality job references can mean the difference between receiving or losing a job offer. Read this article to learn how to manage this critical step of the hiring process.

College Students and Grads –The Benefits of Working with a Staffing Firm

Working as a temporary employee can be a way for college students and new graduates to meet many of their short-term career goals – employment, paycheck, self-sufficiency, experience. Read here to learn how working with a staffing firm and embracing a temporary work schedule can help you meet all those goals.

First Impressions are not Always Face-to-Face

First impressions encompass everything, and this includes your email address and your voicemail message. Do yours give the right impression to possible employers?

Highlight Your Value During the Job Search

When you lose your job, it is important to remember that you have not lost your skills or your knowledge. You can create opportunities, and you can leverage those opportunities into a new job or position. In order to do that, you have to (constantly) demonstrate your value. Read here to learn how to position you and your skill set for the best results possible.

Workplace Worth

Temporary work is great for many reasons – the freedom, diversity and challenges. It’s also a great stepping stone towards full-time employment, but once you’re in that position, how do you make the final transition? Read here for some tips on how to make yourself more valuable while on the job.