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Candidate Resources


Whether you’re just starting your career or are more experienced, the job search is a harrowing process. To succeed, you must stay informed about current job search trends and best practices. Snelling is here to help!

For a general job search “overview” be sure to check out our Tips for Job Seekers brochure. Below you can find tips and helpful information with resumes, interviewing, career and social media strategies, and veterans.


Resumes come in many formats and styles that are subject to trends and changes in technology. Here are tips to help you decide which type of resume will represent you in the best light.


Interviewing for a job can be stressful and confusing. Here are a few ways we help you prepare for this crucial meeting with potential employers.

Social Media

Today, the line between our personal and professional lives is often blurred. It’s important to understand the impact social media and your online activity can have on your career. We’ll help you avoid the pitfalls during your job search.Learn more.

Career Strategy

Whatever your career aspirations, forming a strategic approach increases your chances of success. Learn how.


You have served your country, now let Snelling help you with the transition to civilian life. Veterans are highly valued in the work place, yet from stringent hiring requirements to difficult interviews to second-guessing about skill translations; the process can be challenging. Learn how to leverage resources that focus on who you are and what you can offer.