You have served your country.
Let Snelling help you transition to civilian life.


Veterans are highly valued in the work place.

In today’s job market, transitioning military personnel are a powerful resource to prospective employers. Snelling works to actively recruit and place our returning veterans. View our information to learn why leveraging these highly motivated job seekers makes good business sense.

Benefits of Temporary Work

The ranks of temporary workers have exploded in recent years. Temporary work offers many benefits that would make it a very attractive choice, especially for veterans who are transitioning to the civilian workforce. Read more about the benefits you should consider.

Snelling Field Employee – People +

As a Snelling Field Employee, the focus is on you and finding your best-fit position – the right job that, right now, fits your needs, your lifestyle and your standards. Read more on how Snelling can show you how you are able to leverage resources that focus on who you.

Benefits of Having Had a Security Clearance

A security clearance is an unbelievable benefit during the job search. It emphasizes the fact that you lack any type of criminal background, as well as affords you a level of hiring preference with government-sector employers. Learn more about this advantages.

Overcoming Objections in the Job Search

As you leave the military, you walk away with leadership and management skills, and well as levels of discipline and adaptability that cannot be found in other candidates. These provide a huge benefits, but many employers also cite concerns about hiring veterans. Learn how to overcome these them and make yourself stand out.