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Social Media

Today, the line between our personal and professional lives is becoming increasingly blurred. It’s important that you understand the impact that social media and your online activity can have on your career. This information can help you decide how (or whether!) to use social media in your job search.

The Importance of Social Media During the Job Search

Recruiters and hiring managers use social media to both source and vet potential job candidates – in all industries. In fact, they probably search for your social media profile right after they review your resume or application. Therefore, make your social media profiles work for you.  Read our article on the 5 things you can do to “social shine” with the companies that are hiring.

5+ LinkedIn™ Components That Are “Above the Fold”

Recently LinkedIn changed the way that your profile appears to others. Many sections have been either condensed or highlighted and now appear “above the fold” of most computer screens. So the sections of your profile that appear require no scrolling to view need to be current and written for maximum effectiveness. Learn More.

Use Social Media to Find a Recruiter or Hiring Manager

When job hunting, the goal is to use all the tools at your disposal in order to connect with the recruiters and hiring managers who have the jobs you need. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn should be leveraged as part of your job search. Read our article to learn how to accomplish this goal.

Facebook is an Extension of your Resume

Today, job seekers need to treat Facebook as an extension of their resume. The two are not autonomous units anymore; they depend on one another to help give perspective to the other. Read our newest article to learn how to leverage your Facebook profile during your successful job search and become one of the 18.4 million people who have said that “Facebook got them their current job”.

Using Twitter in your Job Search

It is possible to tweet yourself into a new job in 140 characters at a time. Twitter can be a high-powered job search tool, but how do you use its power to locate your next job? Click here to find out.