“Using staffing services is too expensive.”

“You can’t find a quality employee through an employment agency.”

“I can hire just as well on my own.”

As the CEO of Snelling Staffing Services, I’ve heard dozens of comments like these over the years – and I never get tired of them.  Each time I hear a business owner or an HR manager say something unfounded about our industry, I see an educational opportunity.

While it’s true that the staffing industry has made tremendous strides in the past decade, a significant portion of the business community still doesn’t understand the truth about staffing.  So today, I’d like to set the record straight and dispel some of the most common myths about our industry:

Myth #1:  Working with a staffing service is too expensive. If you merely focus on bill rates and placement fees, you may assume that staffing services are more expensive than a DIY staffing approach.  To understand the true value we deliver, however, you must consider your total employment costs – things that drive-up expenses like turnover, overtime, bad hires, loss of management focus, etc.

We use our expertise and economies of scale to make virtually every aspect of workforce management more cost-effective for you.  Used intelligently, staffing services can actually enhance your company’s profitability by converting fixed costs to variable, staffing high turnover positions more efficiently and reducing recruiting expenses.

Myth #2:  Staffing services only provide “warm bodies.” Nothing could be further from the truth.  Our workforce is changing and more highly skilled job seekers – especially knowledge workers like IT professionals – are switching to project-based opportunities.  Today’s staffing services use state-of-the-art recruiting technology, stringent screening methods and a full complement of valid skills testing to ensure we deliver the talent you need.

Myth #3:  Working with a staffing service is complicated. Actually, our goal is to make staffing and recruiting much simpler for you.  Staffing services assume the time-consuming administrative burdens of recruiting, screening, interviewing, testing and background checking candidates for you.  As your needs evolve, your staffing specialist will work with you to proactively manage and streamline your staffing function.  Instead of being a “necessary evil,” we can become a trusted resource and partner in your success.

Myth #4:  We can attract top candidates just as easily. If you post a job online, you may get dozens – even hundreds – of résumés in response.  How many of those applicants are true superstars who really possess the skills, experience and personality traits you’re looking for?  To attract the best candidates, staffing services are constantly sourcing, networking, advertising and soliciting referrals.  Staffing specialists know your local market and where to find top talent, including passive job seekers who are currently employed with your competitors.  Bottom line, we’re experts at recruiting, and we can help you do it more quickly, cost-effectively and successfully – all while freeing you to stay focused on your other top priorities.

Snelling Staffing Services – People+ Integrity

For over 60 years, Snelling Staffing Services has conducted business both honestly and ethically.  We pride ourselves on the integrity of our people – our internal staff, our temporary employees and our candidates for direct hire.  We look forward to our next opportunity to serve you.