Temporary work can be a foothold to a permanent positionBy Christiane Soto, Snelling.com

When searching for full-time employment, temporary and temporary-to-hire employment is a great way for job seekers to gain experience, diversify skills and gain access to local employers.  However, many people do not even consider “temporary employment” as part of their job search strategy because the very phrase is considered “dirty”.  People scrunch their nose, make a face, look embarrassed or even act self-deprecating when explaining their decision to take on temporary work.

In addition, how many people do you know answer that they are a “temporary worker” when asked what they do for a living?


This is because there are many myths – stereotypes, if you will – regarding temporary work.  These include the following falsehoods that temporary work will:

  • Pigeon-hole you as a low-value employee
  • Provide only low-level, low-paying work
  • Make you unattractive to employers
  • Interfere with the search for a full-time job

This is simply not the case.  Temporary employment does not provide a universal negative experience of little job security, low wages, minimal opportunity for advancement or hazardous work conditions.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are over 2.6 million people – almost the population of Chicago IL – currently working in the “temporary help services” industry.  Can all those people be wrong?

The overwhelming majority of these people do not experience any level of negativity.  Sure, there is the random story out there about horrible working conditions and depressed pay, but there are also bad reviews about restaurants that you love.  The point is that every situation has a positive and a negative.  Focus on finding a positive temporary work environment.  They exist out there….in greater numbers than you think.

The negativity that swirls around “temporary work” is usually due to misunderstandings, assumptions and stereotypes.  It is a shame to have that keep you from a promising future.  So if the word “temp” bothers you, call yourself a “specialist”, “contingent”, “free agent”, or “talent”.


Today’s temporary workers have embraced the many benefits, including the opportunity to grow skillsets, network, test out different employers and job types, and bring home a paycheck while doing so.  In addition, through temporary work, you can provide a first-hand account of your intellect, your work ethic and your attitude.  So embrace the positive side of temporary employment.

Work has changed.  Temporary Employment is the Future

Temporary employment is here to stay, and its ranks of workers are growing.  Today companies are breaking down more and more jobs into discrete, finite projects and then tapping into the world of talent to complete those projects.  In other words, companies are increasingly parceling out work to more temps.

The role of a staffing firm

Working in a temporary position is not for everyone, but it could help you gain needed visibility in this crowded job market.  So, whether you are reentering the workforce or just entering the job market, a temporary position could be one of the few ways to get your foot in the door ….one step in your journey for a full-time job offer.

Consider Snelling as part of your job search strategy.  We have offices across the nation and access to a vast hidden job market.  Our talented staff is ready to help you find your next fantastic opportunity.  So register on our website today to find your local Snelling office.  Once there, let us work with you to take the “dirt” out of temporary work.