how to derail your job searchTo land your next great opportunity, you have to be consistent, a wee-bit tenacious and smart. There are definitely things you should always do and things you should never do.  It is the things you should never do that can stop your job hunt right in its tracks.

Whether you make an honest mistake or you are a wee bit sloppy, you would be surprised what action(s) can derail you. The problem is that you probably never know what you did wrong.  The recruiter will probably not tell you; the potential employer will probably not tell you; your friends and family might not even know themselves what you did wrong.

So be smart and on your toes.  Your entire goal when looking for a new job is to put your best foot forward – at all times.  Therefore, do not (under any circumstances) make these 4 following mistakes:   

1.     Depend solely on a headhunter.  Who would not want to call a headhunter?  They have access to jobs that are not advertised anywhere else and they can speed up the process.  However, headhunters cannot be your only avenue.  They do not work for you; they work for the employers. They are an extension of the company’s recruiting arm.  They will not hold your hand; they will provide an introduction – if you have the skills and competencies that match the job description.

2.     Overly use jargon.  Leave it out. A good rule of thumb is that if your “grandmother does not understand what you are saying, the recruiter and/or interviewer will not either”.  Instead focus on what you have accomplished (in measurable terms) and be specific.  If you make anyone translate what you are saying, they will stop paying attention after the first 3 sentences.

3.     Expose too much online. The very first thing most recruiters/headhunters will do if they view you as a viable candidate is “google” you.  Then they will look at your social profiles.  If they find lots of Sports Illustrated swimsuit models posted on your Facebook timeline, you are done. Why? It shows poor judgment, and that will keep any/all headhunters/recruiters/possible new employers from calling you.

4.     Not behaving in an interview.  If you get an interview, there are a couple of things that you must never do. First, do not be late. An interview is not a party.  Fashionably late is not acceptable.  These people have a job, and they want to know that you take the job that they have to offer seriously.  Second, keep your ego in check.  You may be the perfect match for the job, but there is no such thing as a “slam dunk” in life.  If you do not act like you are confident, smart and humble, you will probably derail your job search.

The rules may sound harsh, but when you are job hunting, you are competing with a lot of peoplepeople you might not even be aware about.  Therefore, keep your focus on the prize, and put your best foot forward.  We at Snelling can help. Our Candidate Resource Hub has lots of articles and how-to tips to get your job search going at light speed.  Bookmark it today, and when you are ready to find your next best-fit job, locate your local Snelling office.