military going back to schoolLast week, President Obama proposed two free years of community college for all students.  Now, while this proposal would require the approval of Congress to become a reality, it does highlight a reality…that in today’s work environment, education is mandatory.

Education is no longer a “once and done” phenomenon.  It is a continuous process – one that needs to be revisited countless times over an entire career.

This holds true for veterans. Military jobs and training can provide powerful, in-depth technical expertise. However, many veterans struggle to convert that expertise into success in the civilian workforce.  But with additional education or training, many are able to effectively harness that expertise and present it in a way that is meaningful to civilian employers.

The good news is that there are many educational options available to veterans. Military Times magazine has put together a very comprehensive list of the top schools for veterans.  By using  survey data as well as data culled from the Education Department, the schools were ranked based on their culture, student support, academic policies, academic quality and financial considerations.

Top 4 Year Universities:  

  1. University of Nebraska (Omaha, NE)
  2. Eastern Kentucky University (Richmond, KY)
  3. CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice (New York, NY)
  4. D’Youville College (Buffalo, NY)
  5. University of South Florida (Tampa, FL)

Top 2 Year Colleges:

  1. Central Community College (Grand Island, NE)
  2. Pasadena City College (Pasadena, CA)
  3. Tidewater Community College (Norfolk, VA)
  4. Shoreline Community College (Shoreline, WA)
  5. Middlesex County College (Edison, NJ)

Top Online & Non-traditional Schools:

  1. University of Maryland and University College (Adelphi, MD)
  2. ECPI University (Virginia Beach, VA)
  3. Central Texas College (Killeen, TX)
  4. Columbia College (Columbia, MO)
  5. Bellevue University (Bellevue, NE)

Top Career and Technical Colleges:

  1. Santa Fe Community College (Santa Fe, NM)
  2. Fayetteville Technical Community College (Fayetteville, NC)
  3. Virginia College and Golf Academy of America (Birmingham, AL)
  4. Los Angeles Film School (Hollywood, CA)
  5. Thomas Nelson Community College (Hampton, VA)

A complete list of the different colleges and universities can be found in Military Times Magazine: The Best for Vets.  However, before you jump in and begin applying, take a bit of time to fully understand how your military experience translates into a civilian career.  Pick your career, then figure out which degree / major you want to focus on.  Some are more marketable than others; others provide a higher return.

Then when you are ready to go call Snelling.  We help veterans, all over the country, position their military experience, their education and their goals to land their best-fit civilian job.  So locate your local Snelling office and contact us today.