temp to hire We all have been in this position. You are short-staffed, but you are not sure about your long-term demand prospects. Therefore, you go out and quickly make a temp-to-hire offer to a person who has (on paper) the experience you need.

Time has passed, and before you make a full-time offer, you really need to evaluate that person and decide whether or not you made the right choice. Is he or she is a temporary Band-Aid to a short-term employment need or is there long-term potential for growth within the company. As a leading national staffing firm, Snelling would like to provide you with a couple of important questions you can ask yourself to gauge the person’s growth potential and decide whether or not the temporary employee should be offered a full-time position.

What’s their ability to adapt and learn?
There is a learning curve for every job.  Some are steep…some not so steep. Over the first few weeks of the new hire’s time on the job, pay attention to just how steep that learning curve seems to be for him / her. Temp-to-hire workers with strong growth potential will usually adapt much more quickly. They are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and dive in. They are willing to learn new things, and they seem to enjoy it. On the other hand, a person who is very slow at getting up to speed, is reluctant to learn anything new, or seems to be stuck in the mentality of “this is what we did at my old job” does not have the best long-term growth potential.

What’s their engagement level?
Pay attention to the person’s engagement level.  Is he /she excited about the job or are their eyes only on the clock and quitting time. Does he /she get frustrated easily, or do they sit down and methodically work through the problem?  All of these are signs of employee engagement. If they want to work and grow with your company, they know they are going to have to make an effort to get themselves productive as soon as possible.

What’s their goals?
As a manager, it’s important to know all your employee’s (even temp-to-hire employee’s) career goals and objectives. Have a conversation with them. Find out if their goals align with your organization. Is it possible for them to meet their goals within your company? If not, then that temp-to-hire employee may not be a good long-term fit.

What’s their comfortable level around change?
In today’s economy, organizations have to innovate and change in order to grow and stay ahead of the competition. They have to embrace new technology. Other than having the relevant experience needed, your temp-to-hire employee needs to be able to tolerate change and adapt to new processes and technology. Pay attention to how they deal with change….either a process modification or a new /updated piece of technology. Do they work through the issues and “go with the flow” or do they dig in their heels and look to stay stuck in the past?

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