Application Process to Get Great Job CandidatesAre there any good job candidates out there?  Sure there are. They just not might not be looking for you. In fact, they are probably not looking for you – at all.  They have jobs….good jobs….and your entire application, vetting and hiring process alone could turn them away as quickly as the opportunity piques their interest.

Why? Because it is long, arduous and frustrating.

As a leading staffing and recruiting firm, Snelling would like to offer these 5 tips (and 1 extra) on how you can streamline your application and hiring process, thereby attracting the best possible job candidates to your company.

Have mobile employment job applications available.

Mobile phones, the cloud and the internet has changed everything- everything.  To compete for top candidates, you have to embrace all three.  Let’s face facts, it is easier for a candidate to hit “apply” on her cell phone then wait to get home and log onto her computer. This is the age of instant gratification, and that includes applying and interviewing for a job.  Job seekers want quick access to your job database and to the application process.  If your competition provides this – through a responsive and comprehensive mobile presence – and you don’t, then they will get all the talent.

Keep your job application template simple.

There is one thing you need to remember – applicants hate long, lengthy applications. Heck, people hate long, lengthy anything – except for a Beyonce concert. They have spent a lot of time on their resume, and the last thing they want to do is retype that entire document into an online form.  A one-button system to submit a work history (like “Linkedin”) will get you’re a better pool of candidates.  At minimum, have your system prepopulate as much as of the person’s resume as possible. And keep their profile. Candidates who are not qualified for one job may be qualified for one in the future.

Communication is key to the application process.

When someone applies, it is important that they know how long each step in the process will take. Again, your candidates want speed, information and feedback.  Now this does not mean that you have to pick up the phone and call your applicants every day. You can use auto-replies (set up in your ATS) that will let them know that their resume will be reviewed, if they meet qualifications, and when they can expect to be contacted. Finally, provide contact information that they can use to reach out to you. They may have another offer and want to talk about a decision timeline. If you have a hot candidate, do you want to miss out on the opportunity?

Do not burn bridges.

Job candidates know not to burn bridges. As a hiring manager, you need to heed this same advice.  Always follow up with a candidate that you are not planning on extending an offer to. She could be a fit for an upcoming job; your first choice could not work out or back out. She could even end up working with a vendor or a partner – one that you need to keep great relations with in order to grow your market share.  So follow up and keep candidates in the loop.

Finally, remember Snelling.  We are a leading, national staffing firm, with local roots.  Our offices understand their markets and their candidate pools, and they can help you access and hire the best your area has to offer.  So locate your local Snelling Staffing office, and contact us today.