Four Ways Staffing Agencies & Employers Can Work Better Together

Hiring managers everywhere know that the skills gap is real. Working with an employment agency to find the right talent is a smart move, but it doesn’t mean that your job is done. To capture the best candidates, hiring managers and staffing agencies must effectively communicate and work as a team.

Here are four ways staffing firms and employers can communicate better to hire the best talent.

Create a definitive job description

If you’re not 100% clear about the job description of a position you are trying to fill, how can a recruiter find the best-fit candidate? Creating a detailed job description is the first and more important step. You cannot simply tell the recruiter that you will “know the right person when I meet them.” You will waste a lot of time – for the recruiters, the candidates, and yourself. If you’re having trouble defining what it is that you are looking for, have a meeting and walk through your needs, your culture, and your budget. By spending time identifying a clear job description, your recruiter will be able to work more efficiently for you.

Respond to your recruiter

Once your recruiter understands what your ideal candidate looks like, they will begin the search. When the recruiter has a handful of candidates that they feel are a good fit, they pass along their resumes. It’s critical to respond over the resumes provided to you and provide feedback promptly. The longer you take to respond, the more likely it becomes that an excellent candidate will move on to another opportunity.

Interview candidates with purpose

If you are serious about bringing on new employees, establish a realistic interviewing schedule. The longer the interview process is drawn out, the greater the chance you will lose top candidates to other companies. Involve others within your organization in the hiring process – either vetting candidates or doing face-to-face interviews. Collaboration among your team enables the best possible hire.

Provide feedback after interviews

Take the time to give your staffing firm recruiter thorough feedback regarding each of the candidates – good, bad or ugly. If your recruiter sent over a candidate for an interview that ended up not being a fit, explain why. Feedback and open communication are key – in both directions. Your feedback will help the recruiter further refine the search and understand how they can better serve your hiring needs.

Finding qualified, reliable, and experienced talent can be challenging in today’s job market. Partner with your local Snelling office to help you find the best-fit talent.