MacLellan: A Snelling Case Study


Cost Savings Result from Partner Consolidation and Program Efficiencies

Customer Profile
MacLellan, located in San Antonio, TX, provides some of the world’s largest manufacturers with critical industry processes such as facility cleaning, process equipment and robotics maintenance, plant and building facility management, and line side production support.

Customer Objectives
MacLellan’s mission is to improve their clients’ competitive advantage by driving down their costs while delivering stellar, comprehensive services. However, MacLellan’s own costs were skyrocketing.

Retaining and managing the multiple staffing vendors they used as part of their variable workforce strategy was expensive, and those expenses were climbing sharply. In addition, issues were being raised over low fill rates, timesheet management and verification procedures, attendance tracking, materials and supplies management, consistent orientation processes, and reporting options. MacLellan was unable to control costs because they could not efficiently track data.

Solutions and Initiatives
Snelling of San Antonio was initially contracted by MacLellan as one of many vendors to help with the facility maintenance at a large automobile assembly plant. Securing qualified workers to fill needed positions had been an issue, so MacLellan felt that taking on more vendors would be the only viable solution.

Thanks to Snelling’s strong recruitment strategies, Snelling of San Antonio was able to consistently provide quality associates, while making (and sometimes even surpassing) weekly headcount requests. In addition, the office was able to streamline the orientation process for all the associates, ensuring consistency, improved job performance and speedier/more efficient shift check-ins. Over the next couple of months, this Snelling office became MacLellan’s sole source vendor, while continuing to make the following process improvements:

  • Implemented an automated time capture system and then integrated it to MacLellan’s current systems. This streamlined the reporting capabilities (for [ex.] absence, headcount start data), improved efficiencies and eliminated data transfer errors. Currently, all associates’ work hours are tracked by Snelling, with MacLellan receiving a single time sheet for approval and one invoice for payment.
  • Currently manages the entire orientation process for new associates, including personal oversight of all on-site shift check-ins. This provides better trained and knowledgeable workers who better reflect and are able to internalize both MacLellan’s and the assembly plant owner’s culture. This has increased cost efficiencies dramatically, enabling MacLellan to reallocate costs away from equipment and inventory replacement outlays
  • Became the central point of contact for all MacLellan managers in regards to skill classifications, etc. This improved communication structure enhanced productivity and efficiencies among all the individuals who play a role in Snelling’s and MacLellan’s variable workforce solution.

Results and Reactions
Streamlining the business processes for MacLellan’s variable workforce – from headcount fulfillment to shift check-in management to timesheet management – provided them with a cost-effective, sustainable flexible workforce solution. The San Antonio automobile assembly plant became the top plant company-wide in terms of production and cost efficiencies, and it reached a new plant safety record, helping the entire company surpass 400,000 recordable safety hours.

By working in concert, Snelling assisted MacLellan in achieving their business goals of reducing their customers’ costs while delivering comprehensive, quality service.