Military personnel are a powerful resource to prospective employers.


10 Reasons to Hire a Veteran

After selflessly serving our nation in locations around the world, far too many of our veterans find themselves unemployed after they leave the military. In fact, the unemployment rate for veterans, especially young veterans, is higher than it is for civilians. This fact simply doesn’t make sense, when you consider that veterans possess coveted skills and qualities that can help elevate any company.

Are you looking for candidates who are dedicated, disciplined and technically savvy? Consider hiring a military veteran. Along with well-honed leadership skills, an unrivaled commitment to teamwork, and strong work ethic, vets also possess a long list of intangible skills that can transform a business. Here’s a short list to consider:

  1. Veterans have battle-tested leadership skills. The military trains its people to be leaders who know how to direct, delegate and motivate others. As a result, they’re adept at successfully managing people toward defined results, even in the most frustrating and demanding situations.
  2. Veterans have a strong work ethic. Veterans are hard workers and have been tested in ways that other people simply have not. They are also extremely loyal. Statistics show that veterans usually have longer tenures with companies than individuals without military experience.
  3. Veterans are dependable. Veterans don’t show up late for work and take pride in performing their job well. They consistently put their best foot forward to achieve the highest standards of productivity.
  4. Veterans are easily trained. Training is a crucial component in every branch of the military, beginning with the first day of service, right up until their discharge. Veterans know and understand the value of training and mastering a skill.
  5. Veterans are fast learners. Today’s military is a highly-trained, highly-skilled workforce. No one graduates from high school with the innate ability to repair the engine on a B-52 or operate a secure, super-high frequency communications system. Not only have veterans demonstrated that they have the ability to embrace new skills and concepts, they know how to apply their new skills to real-world situations.
  6. Veterans are disciplined. Veterans are trained to be focused and deliver high-quality work that meets exacting standards on a strict schedule. They understand the importance of accountability and the need for hierarchy within an organizational framework. Just as important, they respect policies and procedures that help an organization thrive.
  7. Veterans are team players. Teamwork is woven into the very fabric of military life. Veterans have experience working cohesively alongside people with different backgrounds, viewpoints and skill sets. They understand how genuine teamwork and responsibility go hand-in-hand.
  8. Veterans have an enviable breadth of experience. Military service gives veterans experience in many equivalent civilian jobs—information technology, transportation, logistics, communication, management, security and more. Their experience has exposed them to global and technological trends relevant to business and industry in the United States. As a result, veterans infuse organizations with the global perspective and technical savvy that all companies need to succeed.
  9. Veterans are adaptable. Members of the military must continually adapt to changing environments and new responsibilities. They learn early on how to succeed in a variety of settings.
  10. Veterans are calm under pressure. Veterans learn to think critically and act decisively in the most stressful conditions. Throughout their military service, they’ve had to perform their best in mission-critical situations.

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