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4 Simple Things You Must Do To Reduce Time to Fill

Time to fill reflects the elapsed time between the initial approval/posting of a job order to the final acceptance of an employment offer from the selected candidate. The hiring process is extremely time consuming and can drain expenses for a company that does not effectively manage it. Time needs to be devoted to the recruiting and sourcing of the candidates as well as maintaining the focus necessary to keep the process moving forward.

To help reduce your time to fill, there are 4 areas you should pay attention to:

  • Well-written job description If you currently have an open job, pull out its job description and read it. Can you picture the perfect person for that job? Is it simply a generic job description with a bland title assigned to it? The importance of a well-written job description cannot be understated; it is your biggest and best sales pitch to the candidate pool and it can be one of your biggest screening tools. Learn more about Writing Effective Job Descriptions.
  • Drive the interview process The interview process needs to by concise and efficient. A long, drawn out process will result in candidates turning down job offers. There is no one right way to conduct interviews, but, no matter the process, it must be well thought out and planned. An ad hoc interview process eats time, and, as time drags on, life happens. Your candidate’s situation will change as either competition sneaks in (either from the candidate’s own initiative or someone else’s) or the person’s interest level simply wanes.

    In a recent survey completed by Mystery Applicant, 40% of candidates experience what they term as an “unacceptable” time lapse when applying for a job, while 60% of candidates do not receive updates on their status at all. Time and focus can make or break a hire.

  • Train your interviewers The people who are conducting interviews need to be properly trained. Interviewing does not come intuitively for many people, and in order for the process to run smoothly and in a timely manner,it must be executed by trained professionals. This is mandatory for not only the interview process itself but for any/all feedback garnered from the interviews.
  • Partner with a professional Working with a recruiting professional – one who knows your industry and the best ways to recruit within it – is one of the best ways to reduce your time-to-fill metric. Professional recruiters know:
    1. How to ask the right questions to create a perfect job description. For example, they can help you determine which skills are preferred and which are required.
    2. How to manage and keep the momentum going around the interview process.
    3. The latest recruiting practices and techniques, freeing you up to focus on your core business – not working your network for leads.

    However, this must be a partnership based on open communication. Recruiters can find you the best people, but only if you give them the tools to be successful.

  • It is a significant investment of time and money to proceed through the hiring process. Snelling knows this! We work with clients across the country to find their best-fit, highly qualified candidates. We know how to drive the interview process to get the best results in a timely fashion, and we can do the same for you.

    Finding the right people for your organization is costly and time-consuming. When you partner with a quality, reputable workforce management partner – such as Snelling – both your hiring costs and other intangible costs (satisfaction level, cost of time, etc) are greatly reduced. You can focus on your business. While we will focus on finding the right seasonal workers to best represent your business. Contact your local office for more information.

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