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Identifying Behavior Patterns During the Interview Process

When hiring new employees, most employers only consider qualifications listed on a resume or a LinkedIn profile. They look for only those people with the best

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Certifications
  • Skills

This is a mistake, because you can teach employees what you need them to know, and you can give them the experience you want them to have, either through on-the-job training or via the many seminars and workshops that are available in the marketplace.

However, many employers think that the perfect candidate is the one whose resume or application lists every desired qualification or requirement. This is simply not the case. Yes, education, experience and skills are important, but (when you think about it) companies in the same industry have different policies and procedures in place to do the same work as their competitors. So the chances of an employer finding the perfect employee with the exact education, experience, certifications and skills will be difficult (if not near impossible).

The most effective way to hire exceptional, loyal employees who will fit into your company’s culture is to hire them for their inherent abilities. These cannot be taught and have everything to do with who the candidate is on a fundamental level. Their attitude, personality, work ethic, loyalty and willingness to learn are the basis of who they are as people and how they will be as employees.

You find these employees by identifying behavior patterns during the interview process. Don’t just have them walk you through their resume. Hire them if, during their interview, they show you that they have had a pattern of making intelligent decisions in a positive manner. This is known as behavioral interviewing, and it is based on the premise that people will behave as they have in the past. If you ask questions designed to discover how the candidate acted in past employment-related situations, you can predict how they will behave in similar situations with your company.

This hiring practice isn’t easy and it takes time. Interviews will not be over in 20 minutes; they can take up to two hours, based on how the candidate answers the questions and the complexity of the position.

As an interviewer, you will need to select questions that closely mirror situations the candidate may encounter while working for you. You should not question a candidate on how they handled an irate customer if you are interviewing for an administrative assistant.

Even though the interview takes more time, you will save in the long term because this method reduces turnover and allows you to find your best-fit employee. Employees are not hired based on the bullet points found in their resume; they are hired based on the knowledge of how they will behave in critical situations.

Remember, companies depend on their employees to perform sevices, manufacture products or sell products. No matter how the movies portray it, no machine can replace the ability of people to think, create and act appropriately. So hiring the right people is crucial. Snelling is here to help. We have over 60 years of experience in finding the best-fit candidates for our clients. We are experts in all aspects of candidate sourcing, screening and selection. If you are looking for a partner to help you with your hiring process, trust Snelling to deliver the People + you need to make your business hum. Visit our website to find your local office, where our knowledgeable staff can work with you to find the best-fit candidate for your company.