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The Right Staffing Firm Partner Will Boost Financial Results

Do you have a staffing firm partner to help you through the ups and downs that every normal, growing business faces? If so, you have a vested interest in making that relationship as successful as possible.  Doing so could help your bottom line significantly.

As a leading staffing firm, Snelling has some tips to achieve that high level of success.

  • It is all about lead time. It is never too early to discuss upcoming needs with your staffing firm partner. When you give your partner adequate lead-time, you improve your chances of finding the ideal person for the position….especially if it is one that requires difficult-to-find skillsets.
  • Focus on a partnership with a firm that understands your industry. Staffing firms  can specialize in different industries, and there are many benefits in partnering with a firm that understands your industry and your needs. For example, the process for locating a registered nurse is quite different than that for finding temporary help for a janitorial company that has just landed a new cleaning contract.
  • Know exactly the type of worker you need and be thorough with your job description. When placing an order, you cannot tell the recruiter at the staffing firm that you want “someone good”. (S)he needs more information, and the more information you can give the better chance you have at finding a quality worker. So before you contact your staffing firm partner, have answers to the following questions:
    • — Is the position temporary (if so, how long?) or permanent or even temp-to-hire?
    • –How many workers do you need?
    • –Can you provide specific job roles and tasks, including must –have skills (i.e. knowledge of certain software programs or languages) nice-to-have skills and required performance standards?
    • –What personality types would best fit your corporate culture?
    • –What is your timeline? How quickly do you need workers and is there any flexibility on those dates?
  • Treat the relationship with your staffing firm partner as a true partnership. Recruiting new employees and locating top-notch temporary workers is what staffing firms do best. This means that your staffing firm partner has years of experience providing a variety of workforce solutions. Their people understand your market and industry, and they have worked with a variety of employers who have searched for employees very similar to what you need. They can help with job descriptions and project scope as well as provide best practices on how to get the position filled fast.
  • Understand the true value your staffing firm partner brings to the table. Value does not only revolve around the actual candidate that fills the open position. To get the most out of your relationship, leverage your recruiter’s expertise and heed their advice and guidance to ensure you are presented with a best-fit candidate every time. You will be surprised at how fast this will speed up the process. In addition, understand the full range of services and capabilities that your staffing firm offers.
  • Provide feedback. It is extremely important to maintain an ongoing dialogue with your staffing firm partner. Let them know of any/all changes in your company. Provide honest feedback on their performance level and the quality of the workers who have been placed. Without open, honest, two-way communication, issues cannot be resolved, processes cannot be refined, and results will not improve.
  • Partner with a staffing firm that you like. Your staffing firm should be considered as an extension of your company. In just the same way you look for a good cultural fit with new employees, you should look for a good cultural fit in regards to this important partnership. You will not get results if you are forced to interact with people you do not work well with. Communication breakdowns, leading to poor results, will occur when you do not enjoy the relationship.

Snelling is one of the top reputable staffing firms in the country. Not only do we have local offices that understand your specific job market, we have the nationwide recruiting network that can fill those hard-to-fill positions. We would love to work with you to help you take your growing business to the next level, so let’s talk. We look forward to the opportunity to show what results we can deliver to you.