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Write a resume that will get you noticed

Let’s face it…writing a resume can be one of the most excruciating things you can do. It can take hours – or days – to choose the right format, figure out your value-add for each and every position, and write the perfect objective that does not make you feel like a simpleton. But did you […]

You Still Need a Cover Letter

A cover letter will not land you a job.  It is not a silver bullet.  However, if well written, it can encourage the hiring manager or the recruiter to spend more than the typical 6 seconds reviewing your resume.  So here are some important points to remember in writing a great cover letter. 1.    Be Brief. Your […]

In the Job Search, You are Selling … Yourself

In a way, everyone is a salesperson….especially when job hunting.  The only difference is that you are not selling a product or a service, but yourself. Even if you are uncomfortable with sales and do not consider yourself an outgoing (or extroverted) person, you need to learn some basic sales skills in order to land […]

4 Ways Your Smartphone Cost You a Job

By Christiane Soto, I love my smartphone…..everyone, I think, loves their smartphones. This little device has given me more flexibility than any other invention created during my lifetime.  It has become ubiquitous to our way of life, used to communicate, conduct research and stay in touch with old friends.  We can even apply for […]

Find a Great Job – Even in a Tough Economy

It’s tough to find a good job that pays a fair wage.  It’s even tougher to find one in the midst of a recession. The continuing global credit crisis and stubbornly high unemployment rates are making this one of the most challenging times in decades to find work.  Whether you’re unemployed, underemployed or fearful that […]


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