It only takes one worker to give a company and its employees a bad reputation.  It only takes one worker to damage a company’s brand.  That worker could be a full-time employee, but it could just as well be a temporary worker.   The issue of how to integrate a larger contingent workforce into your day-to-day operations is starting to become an issue that will require more thought, strategy and actionable items now and into the future.

The reason behind this is that the number of temporary workers that are joining the workforce is steadily increasing.  The 21st century is truly the “century of the temporary”.  Since 2009, the number of these workers – seasonally adjusted – has increased by 27% (Source: BLS Current Employment Statistics Survey).  This compares to a growth rate of less than 3% for all private sector jobs.

But why should you be concerned about your brand and the impact that your workers (all of them) have on it?  The answer is simple.   Your brand is more than just your newest advertising campaign or your logo.  It is symbol – a feeling – that defines what your company stands for what it will deliver, and where it stands in relationship to competitors.

If you have temporary workers who don’t know and don’t understand your brand, they could inadvertently damage it. This is done hundreds (if not thousands) of times a day with the simple interactions that happen between employees and customers, prospects, partners, analysts, etc.   These interactions can potentially make or break a company’s reputation better than any media campaign designed by the best marketer ever could.

Therefore they need not only to know what your brand is but they have to believe in it and they have to internalize it in every action.

To do this, temporary workers need to be properly educated on the brand – its value, its components and its management.  This is where a reputable partner – such as Snelling – can help.  Our recruiters and managers take the time to learn your company and identify with your culture, your objectives and your branding initiatives.   Because of this, we can send quality candidates that will work to your benefit, not your harm.

So visit your local Snelling office today or visit us at to learn more of how we can partner with you to find your best-fit candidate.