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3 Ways to Overcome the Skills Gap and Hire the Right People

The skills gap is real, and it is much more nuanced than many people think. The issue is not just too many college graduates and not enough blue collar workers. It reaches beyond one industry and one company, cutting across manufacturing, healthcare, retail and wholesale/distribution. So how do you overcome the skills gap and hire the […]

Summer Vacation is Around the Corner – Staffing for Vacations

By Melinda Juneau, In the medical field, you are trained for emergencies. They happen almost daily and if a day is calm, you begin looking around to see what is wrong; it’s just in the nature of healthcare for the unexpected to happen. No one can plan their medical problems and it is one […]

Have you Looked at your Wellness Program Lately?

By Melinda Juneau, The average healthcare employee will spend anywhere from 8-11+ hours at their workplace on a daily basis.  What are you doing to facilitate a healthy life for them while they are at work?  Do you have a wellness plan implemented?  Taking the time to care about your staffs’ health and well-being […]

5 Things to Never to Say to a Nurse

By Melinda Juneau, Just because you watch a hospital drama every week, does not make you an expert on the goings-on in a hospital. Yet, on a daily basis, nurses are exposed to those who feel as though they have the inside scoop on hospitals. Nurses will hear it all before their shift is […]

A Corporate Brand and a Temporary Workforce – The Two Can Work Together

It only takes one worker to give a company and its employees a bad reputation.  It only takes one worker to damage a company’s brand.  That worker could be a full-time employee, but it could just as well be a temporary worker.   The issue of how to integrate a larger contingent workforce into your day-to-day […]

Spanning the Generations – The New Workplace Dynamic

The weak economy has caused many people to put off retirement and stay in the workforce much long than originally planned. Combined with the approximately 100,000 new workers entering the workforce every month, a new workplace dynamic has emerged. For the first time in recorded history, there are workers spanning four different generations in the […]

Boost Your Personal Productivity – Eliminate Unproductive Meetings!

Have you ever stopped to consider how much “marathon meetings” and “it’ll just take a minute – really” impromptu discussions really cost your company?  Consider this example: A weekly meeting with 6 people, making an average of $20 per hour, costs your business $120 per hour.  If you waste just 15 minutes of that time […]

Cover All Your Bases with a Well-Crafted Cover Letter

In a time when a single job opening can yield literally hundreds of responses, how can you move your résumé to the top of the stack? For starters, always include a letter-perfect cover letter.  Why?  The reasons are simple.  A strong cover letter allows you to: personalize your résumé; grab an employer’s interest by emphasizing […]

10 Workplace Personalities – and How to Handle Them

The skeptic.  The complainer.  The perfectionist. Every company has them, but how should you handle them? Variety may be the spice of life, but the wide range of difficult workplace personalities you have to manage can make your job even more challenging – because what works to motivate one type of employee will not necessarily […]

10 Ways to Stay Motivated During Your Job Search

In today’s job market, it’s easy to get discouraged.  Competition is fierce and good jobs are harder to come by. It’s essential, however, for you to stay focused and motivated during this difficult time.  Why?  Recruiters and employers are trained to gauge your attitude and enthusiasm – it’s critical to show them that you’re optimistic […]

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