You can get a medical job without experienceMuch has been said about healthcare facilities not wanting to hire newly graduated nurses, technicians and other healthcare professionals.  With other industries shrinking, and the healthcare industry growing, many workers are making the switch to a medical career.  But how can you – if you have little or no real-world experience – successfully make this switch?

As with all changes, the road to a new medical job is not easy, and your results will not come instantaneously.  If you lack experience, you will have sell yourself on your potential – not your accomplishments.

To do this, you need to change your mindset.  Here are 6 things to remember

A Diploma or Certification is not a Guarantee

Degrees simply open the door for opportunity.  They are neither a guarantee nor a promise for that opportunity.  In fact, in many cases, your degree will simply be used as a screening toola screening tool for the opportunity for an entry-level position.

Continue to Focus on Learning

Just because you have successfully completed a degree or certification program, it does not mean that you can stop learning.  Theories, classroom demonstrations and theoretical projects are much different than real-world applications.  It is not only the job that you will have to learn.  Company culture, industry norms and the day-to-day stress of your job are different than anything you ever experienced during your education.  Embrace the fact that you need to continue learning and welcome any/all opportunities.    

Willingness to Take An Entry Level Position

As stated above, without job experience, an entry-level position should be all you expect.  This is not a bad thing; it is the perfect place to prove your potential – to demonstrate that you can learn quickly and exceed your employer’s expectations.

Modify your Resume Format

If you are changing careers and industries AND the only credential you have is a degree and/or certification, the standard, chronological resume may not be your best choice.  A functional resume offers the best opportunity to showcase your skills rather than your job progression and experience.

Do not Rule out Internships or Temporary Assignments

Without experience, it is hard to prove your worth to employers.  By securing an internship or taking on a series of temporary assignments, you are giving yourself another chance to prove your worth and your desire to learn.  In addition, you are providing yourself with hand-on, applicable work experience that could ultimately result in a full-time employment offer.

Tweak Your Attitude

A positive, upbeat, can-do attitude is of paramount importance.  Regardless of your age, your degree, your background, no employer owes you anything.  Self-confidence is appropriate, but it should never morph into arrogance or smugness.

Making a career or industry switch can be hard work.  Snelling Medical Professionals knows this, and we are here to help.  Whatever your industry….whatever your career moves, work with Snelling for the resources and opportunities you need to land your next best-fit job.  Register on our website today for more information.

By Christiane Soto