Thanks for hospital workers Everyone on your staff wants to be recognized for their hard work and dedication.  Therefore, rewarding and acknowledging employees needs to become part of every administrators’ daily practice. A well thought out incentive program encourages staff members to continue working hard, improves their engagement level and keeps them on the job longer.

However, a big myth about incentive systems is that they cost money and that the only reward any employee wants is money.  In today’s environment of tightening budgets, large cash-based incentives may simply not be possible. So many administrators do nothing.

This is a mistake. A good incentive program does not have to be purely monetary.  You can employ a combination of financial and non-financial methods, as long as the program is:

  • transparent and equal. Do not play favorites and make your criteria obtainable by all.
  • appropriate for the make-up of your staff.  Incentives need to motivate, so do not provide a free bus pass if your employees drive themselves to work.
  • consistent. No one-time-only awards.

Here are some low-cost ideas for rewards.     

Gift Cards
These do cost money, but providing local restaurant or business gift cards is a great way to thank staff members when they go above and beyond.  In tough economic times, people go out less, so providing a night out (or even a discounted night out) is a huge treat.  You can save money by purchasing in bulk or off of one of the many gift card resale websites (i.e. Plastic Jungle, Cardpool, Gift Card Rescue).

Extra Time Off
Who does not like time off?  So many errands to run, so many family obligations, so many appointments that cannot be handled on the weekend.  Work with your staffing partner to cover all needed shifts and reward your staff. It does not have to be a full day or even a half day.  An hour off early – with no pay docked – can make all the difference in the world some days.  It helps with worlk/life balance and is highly appreciated.

Additional cash is always well received by employees. A little extra – even as little as $20 — is a strong motivator.


Walking up to a staff member and telling them “good job” or “thank you” can have an overwhelming positive effect. Promoting the employee’s achievements to others in the organization (via a newsletter, etc.) can provide incrementally positive results.  It is simple.  When your staff feels appreciated, they are more likely to work harder and less likely to leave for another job opportunity.

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