Using Social Media to find a job as a medical professionalEveryone has heard the stories of people finding jobs through a simple tweet or a LinkedIn connection.  However, many medical professionals still wonder if it is worth the investment in time to develop a social media presence or if will it do more harm than good.

The truth is that social media has become a significant factor in the way a large number of healthcare professionals communicate. Let’s face it…an entire generation of consumers is more likely to go online to get answers to general health questions than ask a doctor.

However, because the opinions of “others” might be valued but are not always accurate, healthcare professionals do have an obligation to have a social media presence to create accurate educational content that can be shared.  That same social media presence can be used to find employers new talent and healthcare professionals new jobs.  Remember, employers still struggle to find qualified medical talent, so savvy facilities do have a strong online presence  In addition, the number of health care professionals using social media to find a new job in 2013 has doubled (from 2010).

Job-hunting healthcare workers can harness the power of social media in a number of surprising ways:

  • Let people know you are looking. Even better, tell them exactly what type of job you are looking for.  The response may not be instanteous, but – again — the announcement will start a conversation and keep your need in the back of your contacts’ heads.
  • Find high-value networking contacts. Social media sites including Facebook and LinkedIn have made finding contacts and starting conversations much easier.
  • Research hiring managers. If the person is smart, his/her Facebook profile will be private.  However, Twitter and LinkedIn can be goldmines of information.  Knowledge is power in the job hunt, and the more you know about the person who is making the hiring decisions, the better able you are to tailor your resume and interview style to him/her.
  • Research facilities. A surprisingly high number of facilities have a social media presence to enhance communications, share knowledge, emphasize their brand / value proposition, etc. This means that social media can be a great tool to research targeted facilities to determine fit.  A number of established medical organizations have incorporated social media into their recruitment and staffing programs, including Kaiser Permanente and Tenet Healthcare.  Therefore, leverage the channel that they have already built.
  • Locate connections within your targeted facility. No matter the hype, the best way (still) to find a new position is through recommendations. What better way to make a connection with someone who could possibly recommend you than through connections you have in LinkedIn and Twitter?

Here at Snelling, we understand that finding a job is a personal endeavor. To be successful, you need to use every tool in your tool belt, including networking, recommendations, and social media.  Let us help you get started on your road to your next best-fit job.  Locate your local office and contact us today.