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5 Reasons to Find a Job through Snelling

The perfect job.  It is what everyone dreams of, but the path to finding it can be tough.  From stringent hiring requirements to difficult interviews to the second-guessing that consumes any attempt at follow-up, the process can be challenging. But there are choices when it comes to the path that you should follow.  Not all […]

Attention College Seniors…Did you Wait Too Long to Begin Your Job Search?

By Christiane Soto, Historically, college seniors did not start their hard-core job search until the spring semester of their senior year….and by historically, I mean 2-3 years ago.  However, that has changed.  Employers are now coming to campuses early.  By last fall, employers had already completed 68% of their college recruiting effort for the […]

Is Facebook the Future of Recruiting?

According to a 2012 Future Trends Survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 90.7% of respondents use Facebook in their job search.  Half of employers in the U.S. use Facebook during the hiring process, with 54% planning on using it more in the future. But for what types of jobs? Recruiters generally focus […]

Spring Break 2013: What You Post Today Can Haunt You Tomorrow

Spring break.  You know what you are getting into.  Do not lie.  The college ritual that is “spring break” is not a secret to anyone.   Not to you.  Not to the police.  Not to your parents.  Not to your potential employer. There will be alcohol.  There will large gatherings of people.   There will be promotions […]

How Your Temperament Can Assist You in Your Job Search

Work styles, personality, temperament… all sounds like a bunch of psychological mumbo-jumbo to many people who are looking for a job today.  Many have the attitude of “I just want a job…I can make any situation work”. Whereas this outlook is understandable when you just need a job, the fact is that your relationships with […]

Benefits of Temporary Employment

Even though the U.S. economy is predicted to grow faster in 2012, experts do not believe that this will fully extend to the job market.  The predicted economic growth is not expected to push the unemployment rate down much – perhaps as little as 0.2% before the presidential elections in November.  Economists anticipate barely enough […]


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