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Does Work History Impact Your Job Hunt?

In many ways, the job search has not changed much. For most jobs, you still go through an interview process. You still have to present yourself in a positive, professional manner. You still need to create an impressive resume and cover letter. But how does your work history impact your job hunt? Are you automatically eliminated […]

Six Steps to Avoid Being “Ghosted” During Your Job Hunt

Job hunting is a lot like dating. You put your best foot forward and submit your resume or fill out an application and you never hear back. Maybe you actually make it to the interview and think you did great only to be ghosted by your recruiter. There are so many facets that go into […]

How to Get a Recruiter to Actually Read Your Resume

To have a recruiter read (not skim) your résumé, you need to make it compelling and persuasive.  Remember, the whole point of a resume is to persuade the recruiter / hiring manager to call you in for an interview. If you write with that goal in mind, your résumé will look vastly different than any […]

Increase the Power of Your Resume with Volunteer Work

If you are in the midst of a job hunt, volunteering for a good cause is probably the furthest thing from your mind.  The only good cause you are worried about is your cause – getting a new job. However, volunteering is more than helping others in need; it can be used to improve your […]

Is Social Media Making Resumes Redundant?

An article on CNN this past summer asked an intriguing question.  Do hiring managers even look at a candidate’s resume, or do they look at his Facebook account and LinkedIn profile where they can see/read everything they need to know (and perhaps much more)? That article got me thinking.  Should the traditional resume (regardless of […]


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