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4 Things to Do To Not Get Fired from your Healthcare Job Due to Social Media

Social media can be a valuable resource for the healthcare professional; it provides a great way to communicate and share information. It can increase your visibility as an expert in your field; it can help you be a resource to your patients; it can help with learning and networking, as well. However, if used inappropriately […]

5 Ways Social Media Can Help Healthcare Professionals Find New Positions

Everyone has heard the stories of people finding jobs through a simple tweet or a LinkedIn connection.  However, many medical professionals still wonder if it is worth the investment in time to develop a social media presence or if will it do more harm than good. The truth is that social media has become a […]

Get Found and Remembered on Social Media

If you’re looking for a new healthcare job, conduct a Google search of your name.  What comes up?  Is it horrifying?  Is it glorifying?  Does your LinkedIn profile provide a clear and accurate picture of your skills and experiences? Are there recommendations and skill endorsements that you can leverage? Do you have a blog that […]

Social Media and Your Healthcare Facility, Part 1

Social media is here, and if your facility isn’t embracing it, you may fall behind your competition. If you are not current with the social media scene, you better start being active now. Why? Because your patients, their caretakers, and your staff expect it. Snelling Medical Staffing understands that many facilities are unclear as to […]


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