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Learn How to Never Make Inconsistent Hires Again

Every employer wants to hire the best candidate every single time. However, this rarely happens and one key reason is that many hiring managers make a deadly assumption.  They assume that if a candidate interviews well, he will be good at the job.  However, performing well during the interview has no correlation with on-the-job performance.  […]

Know the questions to ask when hiring an administrative assistant

Administrative Professionals’ Day is rapidly approaching – April 22.  Do you have a great administrative employee that you would like to acknowledge? If not, do you how to hire one?  Do you what skills you need and how to ascertain that a particular candidate has those skills? The answers may be simpler than you suspect. […]

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Staff Smarter

Companies across the country have been trying “to more with less” for years now.  But by attempting to “run lean”, many have overshot their goal and are now severely understaffed. When understaffed, you are running “too lean”.  You are not creating value.  You are creating holes that have to be filled with overtime and multi-tasking […]

Internships are the key to closing the manufacturing skills gap

Manufacturing is making a comeback in the United States.  However, challenges remain, and a key challenge is the lack of skilled labor. According to recent reports, US manufacturers still cannot find enough skilled labor.  There are two key reasons  –  technology and a lack of interest.  Shop floor machinery no longer consists of cogs, gears, […]

Are your job candidates “faking it”

Unemployed? Fired? Forced Out? Bad Reference? Create an entirely new work history using our fake reference service. Don’t let these issues keep you from finding meaningful work. Explain away these periods using one of our virtual companies….If you find yourself fired for cause, or simply dealing with a long period of unemployment, we can help… […]

Are you Hiring the Best Medical Staff Possible?

Hiring the best person for the job is hard, nerve-wracking work. Candidates are always going to be on their best behavior, so the whole hiring process can feel extremely robotic and quite arduous.  In addition, many of your employees may simply not have the training to feel confident in their hiring choices. You want the […]

How to Hire a Great Administrative Assistant

Hiring a good office assistant isn’t easy.  You may know what you want, but you just may not quite be sure how to get it. This is because the role of an administrative professional has evolved over the last couple of decades.  They are no longer simply “secretaries” – typing letters, taking dictation and answering […]


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