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Six Steps to Avoid Being “Ghosted” During Your Job Hunt

Job hunting is a lot like dating. You put your best foot forward and submit your resume or fill out an application and you never hear back. Maybe you actually make it to the interview and think you did great only to be ghosted by your recruiter. There are so many facets that go into […]

How to Get a Recruiter to Actually Read Your Resume

To have a recruiter read (not skim) your résumé, you need to make it compelling and persuasive.  Remember, the whole point of a resume is to persuade the recruiter / hiring manager to call you in for an interview. If you write with that goal in mind, your résumé will look vastly different than any […]

Yes, You Do Need to Customize Your Résumé. One Size Does Not Fit All

By Christiane Soto, Want to know how to make me think you are lazy?  Send me a generic résumé, asking me to consider you for a specific job opening. Guaranteed bad impression. I have read advice columns that say not to customize your résumé. The logic goes that if you have a well-written résumé […]

Hiring Managers Do Not Like Typos

CareerBuilder is known for its surveys and the interesting tidbits that come from them.  Last summer, they released a study of the most outrageous resume mistakes.  While digging through (and laughing at) the candidate who decorated her resume with pink rabbits or the candidate who claimed to speak “Antartican”, I found a little nugget.  When […]

4 Résumé Myths Exposed

Writing a résumé is stressful. There is enough advice and helpful tips out there to choke a horse.  In fact, the amount of tips, tricks and hints can be so overwhelming that the average person simply checks out of the entire process. Another problem is that there are many myths floating around in the form […]


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