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Just because you watch a hospital drama every week, does not make you an expert on the goings-on in a hospital. Yet, on a daily basis, nurses are exposed to those who feel as though they have the inside scoop on hospitals. Nurses will hear it all before their shift is over but these five are ranked at the top of their list:

1. So I bet you and my doctor are dating, right?  You two would be so cute together.

Not only is that rude and meddling but as in any field, it is considered unprofessional to date those with whom you work. It is rare that nurses and doctors can even find time in their schedules outside of work where they can socialize.  And most nurses don’t have the energy to deal with the hours and scheduling that come with the doctors at the hospital.

2. Can you hook me up? As in, can you get me some of the good stuff?

What you’re asking is illegal! The nurse could be fired and never allowed to practice medicine again.  Nurses, unlike those on tv, don’t just have free reign of medicines and narcotics; they are stored in a closely monitored area.

3. I want to talk to someone who knows something.

Your nurse is the first line of offense and defense.  They are on your team and they will usually know more about what is going on than a doctor or specialist will.  Not only can they help you more but they are able to answer the questions you may have just as completely as a doctor or specialist.  A nurse will have more time to guide you through the steps of a diagnosis or the steps you should take for proper healing.

4.  Did you fail medical school and settle for being a nurse?

Just because someone is a nurse doesn’t mean they have failed aspirations at becoming a doctor.  The majority of nurses are nurses because they want to be.  Who would choose to be yelled at, vomited on, and be on their feet for 12 hours at a time unless they really wanted to be in that profession?

5.  Oh, anyone can be a nurse. They just empty bedpans, count pills, and bring dinner.

A nurse is the one who will care for you and ensure that your health improves during a hospital stay.  Not only can the nurse be your advocate with the doctor but they can assist you in recovery.  A nurse is a highly trained professional who probably knows more about the hospital and the patients than the doctors.

If you can remember to not say these things, you should be okay.  Not only is a nurse the first person you will deal with in the hospital, he/she is your ally when it comes to having a comfortable stay.  This is one of the must underappreciated jobs yet one of the most necessary.  Nurses save lives on a daily basis yet the doctors are usually the ones who get the most credit.  Behind every successful medical practice or hospital is a team of highly educated, certified nurses who run the show and allow the doctors to remain focused on diagnosing problems.

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