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How to Approach and Recruit Active and Passive Candidates

In last week’s Snelling Blog, we talked a little bit about the fact that there is beginning to be no difference between active and passive candidates. Due to low employee engagement in many (if not most) companies and a volatile job market, the line is being blurred between these two groups of job candidates. There […]

Is the Line Being Blurred Between Active and Passive Candidates?

The definitions have been floating around for a very long time. Passive candidates are currently employed and are not actively looking for a new position.  They have a good industry reputation, usually have 3+ years with the same employer and can show a progression in their career path. Active candidates are actively looking for a […]

Hidden advantages of working with a staffing company

In this job market competition is fierce,  security is lacking and you need every possible edge. Working with us puts you at an advantage because: we staff positions that are never advertised our candidates are taken seriously by hiring companies our experienced staffing managers are always looking for the best fit for employers and candidates […]

Accomplish Anything: How to Set and Achieve Goals

Goals are great – they help you get organized, commit to important decisions and realize your dreams.  But unless you know how to properly define and achieve them, you’re more likely to fail than to succeed. Don’t be a New Year’s resolution statistic!  Before you make a single promise to yourself, read this article.  In […]

Building Trust in Business Relationships

In a society filled with Super Committee failures, rampant ponzi schemes, continual terror threats and pervasive identity theft, you may rightfully be tempted to ask, “Whom can I trust?” The truth is, trust is a rare thing – especially in business today.  In fact, a 2011 GfK Corporate Trust Survey indicates that “distrust of corporations […]

Five Workforce Challenges You Can Overcome with Staffing Services

What are your workforce challenges?  If you are like most executives/owners, your worries focus around fluctuating workloads that are a result of seasonal or unpredictable demand.  You also worry about controlling labor costs, managing employee turnover, and quickly locating and hiring talent with the right combination of tangible skills, experience and that intangible “little something […]

Creating High Performing Teams by Understanding Personality Types

Power players.  Team players. Extroverts.  Introverts. Optimists.  Pessimists. No matter how you classify them, you probably have a wide range of personality types in each of your work teams.  As a manager, understanding these personality types – and how best to manage them – can help you increase workers’ job satisfaction, decrease employees’ stress levels […]

When it Comes to Making a Great Hire, the Intangibles Matter

When it comes to the success of your business, the best-fit people make all the difference. Whether you’re hiring a manager, a line worker or a customer service representative, the intangibles – things like attitude, work ethic and integrity – can mean the difference between competence and exceptional performance.  Below are a few tips to […]

Make a Great Impression During Your Next Interview – Avoid These Common Mistakes

Whether it’s a limp handshake, an irrelevant answer or a ringing cell phone, interview mistakes are a real turn-off to potential employers. You only have one chance to make a first impression during your next interview.  Make sure it’s a great one!  Prepare yourself for success with this list of the biggest interview missteps and […]

Workplace Flexibility: Turning Concept Into Reality

Workplace flexibility is a fairly simple concept.  It involves adapting when, where and how employees work to better meet individual and business needs. But while it’s clear that more flexible workplaces enjoy a number of benefits – including improved engagement, retention and employee satisfaction – making flexible workforce strategies a reality has proven quite difficult […]


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