Generations in the Workforce: Make the Most of Generational Diversity

With four generations represented in the workforce, generational stereotypes and conflicts are popular topics of conversation. It would be easy to get the impression that there is little common ground between members of different generations, but it’s important to remember that generational differences are just another form of diversity. Regardless of age, race, religion, or […]

Preparing for 2012 – Goal Setting and Accountability

For many people, the beginning of a new year signifies a fresh start and an opportunity to make positive changes in their lives. Significantly altering our daily behavior is challenging, so it’s not surprising that a collective “clean slate” would motivate us to try again. New Year’s Resolutions can be helpful in getting the New […]

Accomplish Anything: How to Set and Achieve Goals

Goals are great – they help you get organized, commit to important decisions and realize your dreams.  But unless you know how to properly define and achieve them, you’re more likely to fail than to succeed. Don’t be a New Year’s resolution statistic!  Before you make a single promise to yourself, read this article.  In […]

Remove Roadblocks to Career Success

“I’ll send that résumé…tomorrow.” Sound familiar?  The truth is, most of us procrastinate occasionally.  We’re all human, and we all let little things slide from time to time.  It’s relatively harmless to skip a single workout or postpone organizing your garage.  The gym will be open tomorrow, and that disorganized shelf of paint cans and […]

Upcoming Interview? Success Starts with the Right Mindset

Self-confidence is a powerful, but often elusive, asset when interviewing.  Stiff competition, concerns over qualifications and the uncertainty inherent in the interview process can easily rattle even the most poised job seeker. Just as you prepare your answers to interview questions, you should also prepare to be confident.  Use this list of techniques to enter […]

Find a Great Job – Even in a Tough Economy

It’s tough to find a good job that pays a fair wage.  It’s even tougher to find one in the midst of a recession. The continuing global credit crisis and stubbornly high unemployment rates are making this one of the most challenging times in decades to find work.  Whether you’re unemployed, underemployed or fearful that […]

Discover the Power of Personal Branding

What do Oreos, Kleenex and Justin Bieber have in common? Each is an incredibly strong brand. Branding isn’t just for products anymore.  Around the world, people from all walks of life – from administrative assistants and engineers to business moguls and celebrities – are discovering the benefits of personal branding.  Now it’s your turn.  If […]

Rules of Engagement: 10 Tips for Succeeding as a Temporary Employee

Why did you decide to become a temporary employee? Some choose temporary work to gain experience; others enjoy the flexibility and freedom it offers; still others hope to use assignments as a stepping stone to full-time employment.  Whatever your reason for choosing to work as a temporary, you can use these 10 tips to succeed […]

Temporary Assignments: a Viable Path to Direct Employment

Did you know that temporary jobs are often the first to open up at the end of a recession? Although business starts to pick-up when a recession is over, many employers are still hesitant about hiring full-time employees.  To handle the extra workload – without adding extra employees – these companies bring in temporary workers. […]

How to Be the First One Called for an Available Assignment

Do you want to land the best temporary assignments?  Take control of your situation. You may not be able to do anything about the current unemployment rate, or the fact that more people are competing for the best temporary assignments.  You can, however, control how desirable a candidate you are to a staffing service.  If […]